The Most Important Thing To Grasp About Drilling Performance

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What is the most important thing to grasp about drilling performance?

Real-time MSE surveillance, you say?

How about BHA design and modeling?

Or maybe drill bit selection? Mud design and hole cleaning practice?

Well, the most important thing to grasp about drilling performance is this: it’s NOT ABOUT performance.

In the words of Fred Dupriest, during his interview at vdoorlocksmith on LinkedIn last June (watch it here:

“…and it[Limiter redesign] is more than just performance it’s really a change in the way you approach your business and drilling engineering and particularly operational practices.”

Fred Dupriest

Then these words that got stuck in my mind:

“There’s performance there but there’s also more than that. When you understand how things work, when you’re treated like a very knowledgeable person,— you’re taught, you’re given knowledge and you work from knowledge — there’s just a better life there, I mean, for everybody.”

Fred Dupriest

There is a better life for everybody.

The “more-than-that” part is the foundation for drilling performance. It’s the tree that bears the fruits.

What’s your approach to drilling performance? Please share in the comments.

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