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SPE-102210 Comprehensive Drill Rate Management Process, by Fred E. Dupriest

Maybe you have already learned about MSE (if not, go here) and have been able to put it into practice on your rig and get significant gain in ROP performance.

The fruit is tasty. Now what?

It’s time to sow the seed and grow it into a tree, that is, if you want to get plenty of fruit in the future. As highlighted in the paper:

“MSE is a technology, while the ROP management process is a broad workflow designed to ensure MSE and numerous other sources of data are used effectively to maximize ROP.”

This paper shows you what you need to build the necessary workflow.

Why Is Workflow Important?

We are talking specifically about the Limiter Redesign Workflow, which is built around physics-based drilling, unlike the traditionally experience-based approach common in the drilling industry.

Look at the chart below:

Courtesy of Professor Fred Dupriest

An early gain of 40% was achieved in the first couple of years as teams on the rig adopted MSE-based practices.

Then came the plateau where ROP performance was flat without further progress for a little over a year.

It’s only when the necessary workflow has been developed and implemented that further continuous gain was made possible. It’s a workflow that “focus on the extension of limiters, rather than the identification of superior bits or systems.”

In short, you can’t change just one thing.

You can adopt a technique, such as MSE in this case, and get some benefit in a short period of time. But if you do not change the framework towards ROP management, and organize the key personnel around that framework, you will not be able to reap the long term, sustainable gain.

5 Strategic Elements

The paper also talks about the 5 strategic elements that allow the workflow to remain effective:

  1. Training (Most important and also most difficult to execute)
  2. MSE Surveillance Practices
  3. Relentless Redesign
  4. Management of High-ROP Risks
  5. Stewardship of Results

It’s a great place to start building your own system with your team. Download the paper here.

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