1-1-1: On drilling performance and importance of taking actions

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“Drilling Practices”, Stand Alone Chapter from IADC Drilling Manual, 12th edition.

It consists of 53 pages of gold, timeless practical knowledge, “a must-have for anyone involved in today’s drilling operations.”

It costs 80$ to get either the PDF version or the print version.

You can also buy the whole manual for 199$ which is what I did shortly after I found out about Limiter Redesign. I was really just going after that single chapter. It’s probably one of my wisest purchases as a drilling engineer.


The author James Clear on taking actions:

“We often avoid taking action because we think ‘I need to learn more,’ but the best way to learn is often by taking action.”

Source: Atomic Habits


What’s the most challenging obstacle that may prevent you from drilling your best campaign ever?

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P.S. For the record, I’m in no way affiliated to IADC or TechStreet, and I’m only sharing this because I believe it can help drilling engineers out there to drill their best campaign ever in 2021 despite the challenging circumstances which may still remain with us for a while.

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