1-1-1: On extreme performance and success

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ExxonMobil Fast Drill Process Champions Training Presentation:

You can find the original slide on the AADE website. I added some commentary to highlight some concepts and conclusions along the slides, hopefully to provide some food for thought as you walk through it.

This is the very first presentation that I searched and found on the Internet after I discovered Limiter Redesign back in June 2019. My mind was lit on fire. A thousand new connections formed, connections that I’d never made about drilling until that moment of discovery. I found myself learning about drilling as if for the first time.

If you’re where I was, a typical mid-career drilling engineer who’s learned to do basis of design and prepare drilling program and AFE, and to follow up drilling operations from a project management perspective, etc. I hope your world would be shaken by this presentation and that you would be inspired and pushed toward a higher level of what drilling could become.

Contact me if you want to discuss about Limiter Redesign.


John Maxwell on success:

“Most people think success is instantaneous. They look at it as a moment, an event, or a place in time.

It’s not.

Success is really a process. It is growth and development.

It is achieving one thing and using that as a stepping-stone to achieve something else.

It is a journey.”

Source: Developing the Leader Within You, by John C. Maxwell


What process will you be focusing on this year to bring your drilling game to the next level?

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