1-1-1: On founder point and people development

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Today, instead of sharing a resource, let’s talk about … founder point.

All you drillers out there are surely familiar with the concept. It is the point at which the ROP stops responding linearly with increasing WOB, as is shown in the chart below:

source: High-Performance Drilling course from TAMU, Drilling Mechanics

Same fact, but there are two completely different ways to look at it.

You can either say to yourself: ” Ok, that’s my limit, so I will stay right below that founder point and continue drilling until I reach TD or until I have to pull the bit.”

Or you can ask yourself: “why is this founder point happening?” Then you watch different things to find out the answer, and you get to push that founder point to higher WOB, thus reaching TD faster.

In a way it’s like facing the obstacles in our lives. When you hit a wall, do you accept that as your ceiling, or do you find a way to jump over, run around, or punch through it?


John Maxwell’s “suggestion on producing problem solvers are:

  1. Make a time commitment to people. Those who never take time to develop people are forced to take time to solve their problems.
  2. Never solve a problem for a person; solve it with that person.
    Take that individual through the sequence that has already been given for recognizing a problem.”

Source: Developing the Leader Within You, by John C. Maxwell


Are you satisfied with your drillers using founder point as a ceiling, or are you teaching them to use it as signpost toward extreme performance?

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