What’s holding you back from setting up that real-time MSE?

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I’ve talked to a few DE’s (non US based) who are interested in, or convinced of a physics-based approach toward drilling operations, yet they do not have MSE plotted in real-time.

When asked why, they told me:

“RT MSE is like a Ferrari”,

“In XXX (country name) companies don’t use MSE”

So I want to share something Professor Noynaert told us during the High-Performance Drilling Course:

In the beginning, around 2003, Fred Dupriest and his team just started plotting MSE and watching it (my mental image here is the green code raining down the screen like the Matrix 🤣)

That allowed them to see the mismatch between the empirical practices (how we think things work) and the physical reality (how things actually work) as revealed by MSE. (I imagine lots of screenshots to show the discrepancies which created opportunities for teaching the physics)

So if you work in a region without fancy toys for data analytics, I encourage you to just start plotting it and watch it against your current practices. Chances are you’ll start seeing some strange but interesting things, too.

I posted some basic infos on MSE here:


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