Get the Fundamentals on Drilling Performance for Less Than 10$

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Last week, I downloaded 3 SPE papers on the subject of mud motor performance. I paid 5$ each as an SPE member.

Yesterday, I noticed to my delight that there’s now a great package of “25 downloads for 10$”, bringing down the unit cost to only 40 cents! That’s a whopping 92% discount, so kudos to Society of Petroleum Engineers for the gesture and offer.

But of course, the major cost of an SPE paper is the time you need to spend reading it. In today’s world, where a gazillion things are also competing for your attention and time on a daily basis, how do you choose? (That’s the 80/20 side of SPE papers, a post for another day)

Top10 SPE Papers on Physics-based Drilling Performance

Here’s my Top10 list of SPE papers to build the foundation for a physics-based, performance-driven drilling career. I have in mind a young drilling engineer starting with an operator because that’s my own background:
🔸SPE-92194-MS-Maximize ROP with Real-time MSE surveillance
🔸SPE-102210-MS-Comprehensive Drill Rate Management Process
🔸SPE-134580-PA-Borehole Qualitiy Design and Practices
🔸SPE-150208-MS-Critical Role of Digital Data in Physics-based Performance Workflow
🔸SPE-163420-PA-Drillstring Vibration Modelling
🔸SPE-163503-PA Design Evolution of Drilling Tool to Mitigate Vibrations 
🔸SPE-95546-MS-Fundamental Model to predict hole curvature and build rates with RSS
🔸SPE-189608-MS-Drilling Interbedded Hard Formation
🔸SPE-189649-MS Selection of Stabilizers
🔸SPE-128129-MS-Eliminate Differential Sticking

I wish someone had put a stack of papers like these in my hands when I started out. My hope is that this list can save you some time and better navigate the world of drilling for years to come, be it O&G or Geothermal.

Edited from original post on LinkedIn on June 15, 2021. Check out the other people’s input and comments here.

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