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3 Steps To Unlock Outrageous Drilling Performance

You’ve heard the saying: “The sky is the limit.”

Boy, am I excited to see this become the new normal in the drilling world!

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Get the Fundamentals on Drilling Performance for Less Than 10$

Last week, I downloaded 3 SPE papers on the subject of mud motor performance. I paid 5$ each as an SPE member.Yesterday, I noticed to my delight that there’s now a great package of “25 downloads for 10$”, bringing down the unit cost to only 40 cents! That’s a whopping 92% discount, so kudos to Society…

What’s holding you back from setting up that real-time MSE?

I’ve talked to a few DE’s (non US based) who are interested in, or convinced of a physics-based approach toward drilling operations, yet they do not have MSE plotted in real-time. When asked why, they told me: “RT MSE is like a Ferrari”, “In XXX (country name) companies don’t use MSE” So I want to…

Physics-based vs Experience-based?

When you hear about Limiter Redesign, you’d hear the term “physics-based” a lot, as opposed to “experience-based” or “empirical”. So much so that you may think they’re opposite each other, and if you go with A, then you’ll be against B. It seems to me that it is not a question of whether, but a…

1-1-1: High-performance drilling course and a piece of wisdom from Thomas Edison

1 RESOURCE I have enrolled myself into the High-Performance Drilling Course at Texas A&M University in January. If you’re convinced of the potential of physics-based approach to drilling performance, this is like THE course to take. This course used to be taught by Professor Fred Dupriest. It is now delivered by Professor Samuel Noynaert. This…


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